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The Sklar Brothers

Talk More With DK: The Sklar Brothers

It's a great day for some good vibes to kick off an eventful weekend here in The City!
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Talk More With DK: Bad Roommates And Living On A Bay Area Budget

We extended today's 'iDK' conversation about the topic of roommate drama.
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Talk More With DK: Dating Women And Celibacy

Cassandra called in this morning to discuss her dating situation on Tuesday's edition of 'iDK', and that led to some interesting revelations on this episode of TALK MORE. - DK opens up about dating women. - G-Mo contemplates ending his 3+ years of abstinence/ celibacy. SUBSCRIBE: RSS - iTunes -...
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Talk More With DK: You Won Half A Billion Dollars ... What Do You Do?

We discuss the ups and downs of being a multi-millionaire at the age of 24.
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Talk More With DK: Ride-Share Safety And Social Media Influence

Today we speak on the dangers and concerns with the increasing popularity of Ride-sharing, Food Delivery services and the impact of Social Media.
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Talk More With DK: What Would Keanu Reeves Do (... In A Threesome)?

Today, we follow-up on some advice for a listener who was given an opportunity to fulfill a fantasy ... but, is it really a death wish?
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