Hand Sanitizer

Burnt car

Fire Department Warns Against Leaving Hand Sanitizer In Your Car On Hot Days

It could start a fire
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Hand Sanitizers Are Selling Out, But You Can Still Buy These Brands Online

Experts are still learning more about the spread of COVID-19, but continuously say that it is essential to wash and sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizers are selling out, but these brands you can buy online.
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FDA Wants Manufacturers to Make Hand Sanitizer Taste ‘Bitter and Less Appealing’

The FDA wants to prevent people, specifically children, from eating or drinking hand sanitizer by calling on manufacturers to make is taste less appealing and more bitter. Read on for more.
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Tito's Vodka

Tito's Vodka Has Started Production On Their Own Hand Sanitizer

After advising people not to use their vodka as sanitizer, the brand has changed gears.
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Purell Says It Has 'Dramatically Increased Production' on Hand Sanitizer

The company behind Purell says it has ‘drastically increased production’ on hand sanitizer to keep up with the spike in demand following concerns over the novel coronavirus. Read on to find out how the are handling the situation.
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