COVID Cases Are on the Rise — Look Out for These Less Commonly Reported Symptoms

While coronavirus has spread unpredictably throughout the world in 2020, reports of new, less common symptoms are adding to the confusion. These are some lesser known COVID-19 symptoms to look out for.
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Woman Finds Bizarre Way to Self-Isolate While Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic

While many of us are social distancing, a woman thought of a creative way to do it. A woman in England has taken self-isolation to a whole other level.
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Woman Coughs on $35,000 Worth of Produce in 'Twisted' Grocery Store Prank

The co-owner of Gerrity’s, the grocery chain, alleged on Facebook that the woman purposefully coughed on and destroyed an estimated $35,000 worth of goods. Read more to find out how the store is handling the situation.
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Coronavirus Stops Production of Peeps Easter Candy!

Could there be a shortage?
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Wendy’s Giving Away Free Frosties With Drive-Thru Orders

Wendy’s is trying to brighten up people’s day amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fast-food chain is now offering a free Jr. Frosty with every order.
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81-Year-Old Says 'Lots of Beer' Is the Key to Coping Without Electricity During Coronavirus

On top of dealing with the ongoing spread of coronavirus, residents of a Massachusetts town had to contend with not having any electricity. An elderly resident disclosed the amazing way she’s handling everything.
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YouTubers Donate $5K Worth of Toilet Paper They Bought Months Ago For a Stunt

Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites, who go by MoreJStu on their YouTube channel, have donated $5K worth of toilet paper which they had left over from a stunt they filmed last year.
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MUNI Suspending Subway Service Starting Monday

One of many changes coming to MUNI
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Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory Tells Landlords That They Won't Pay Rent In April

Due to extraordinary events
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Alameda County

Alameda County Opens Line To Report Shelter-In-Place Violators

Officials want to hear your complaints.
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