Classic Blink-182 Is Coming as the Band Is 'Getting in Touch With Their Roots'

Blink-182 producer John Feldmann of Goldfinger fame has said that the band is currently “getting in touch with their roots” during their latest recording sessions and are already working on some “classic Blink” tracks.
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Tom DeLonge Says "Of Course" A blink-182 Reunion Will Happen

"Of Course" it'll happen
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Mark Hoppus Says That blink-182 Made Their Best Music When Tom Was In The Band

He also says he and Tom have hashed things out.
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I'm Listening 2019

“I’m Listening” Special for Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

We've announced a two-hour live commercial-free broadcast special to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention
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blink-182 Fans Are Not Feeling The Band's Latest Music Video

Some think it's cute, though.
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Blink-182 Launches Their Own MySpace Page for New Album – NINEspace

Blink-182 is ready to roll out their new album NINE on September 20, but before we find out the future for the band, get ready to go back to the past. On Friday, the band sent fans a text message, “RIP myspace but our NINEspace lives on.” The note includes a link to a page that brings back all of...
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My Chemical Romance Vs. blink-182 SCREAM-Along Coming To SF In August

Friday night August 23rd.
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Blink-182 Announce New Album Release Date

By Maruful Hossein Blink-182 blessed us with their presence as they performed for Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series at Central Park in New York City today, July 19th. Right after their performance, Mark Hoppus announced the release date of the upcoming Blink album, September 20th. Check...
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Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 performs

Blink-182 Shares 'Happy Days' on 182nd Day of the Year

It's the band's third preview of the new album
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blink-182 Dedicates Performance Of "Aliens Exist" To Tom DeLonge

Last night in Connecticut.
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