Yuba, Sutter Counties Defy State Order As Businesses Open

Yuba and Sutter Counties in Northern California will allow many businesses to reopen Monday in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s six-week-old stay-at-home order.

The counties have experienced a low number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

The message to residents came over YouTube from Dr. Phuong Luu, Health Officer for both Sutter and Yuba Counties.

"I will allow lower-risk businesses to reopen with appropriate modifications," Dr. Luu announced in the video.

The order allows "non-essential" businesses including restaurants, malls, gyms, salons and tattoo shops to reopen, violating Governor Newsom’s statewide order.

"We’re letting people know that this is established for what the county needs are," Yuba County Spokesman Russ Brown told KCBS Radio.

Brown said the sparsely populated counties have had very low numbers of coronavirus cases.

"We’re looking at approximately only 50 people that have tested positive, of which only one-third of those remain positive," Brown said.

Brown admits that because the counties are home to many people who work in Sacramento, there is some risk of spread.

"You will see restaurants opening, you will see most every other business operate," Brown said. "It’s going to look a lot different. It’s going to be social distancing, it’s going to be only so many people allowed in these stores at a time, you know, facial coverings."

The new order bans the opening of theatres, clubs and bars.