Wedding Bells Ring During Coronavirus Pandemic

Even during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, love still finds a way. 

This one’s a family affair.

When COVID-19 came to California, my cousin Nina had to call off her plans for a March wedding. She originally planned to hold a modest wedding celebration with a small group of close friends.

But even with a traditional ceremony out of the picture, she and her then-fiancé Ricardo didn’t want to wait.

"It was always there, like this question of why can’t someone just do it," Nina said. 

It turns out, they could.

They learned of the only courthouse in California still issuing marriage licenses fom an email tip. It took a four-hour round trip to get there, but they made it.

Then a few days later, they held a small outdoor ceremony in a park near their home in Los Osos. 

It was small. There were only three others in attendance, including the officiant. In case you’re worried, they did socially distance. But even if this ceremony was missing some of the frills, it had all the feelings.

"We were almost surprised," Nina told me. "I don’t know. It felt very intense and beautiful and (it was) a very sweet ceremony."

A few more guests would have been nice.

They still plan to hold a celebration with family once this is all over. But amid all this uncertainty, Nina and Ricardo are glad they didn’t wait to say I do.

"No, I’m really glad," Nina said. "With all the unknowns, it’s nice to have and nice to celebrate. It’s really special."