The Results Are In: Covid-19 Antibody Test Provides Answers

As we’ve been reporting, KCBS Radio’s own Matt Bigler had the Covid-19 antibody test last week to see if he's had the coronavirus.  

To find out the results of his test, Bigler had another virtual doctor visit with Dr. James Wantuck with San Francisco virtual medicine company Plushcare.

“Your test is negative,” Dr. Wantuck told Bigler. “You did not have antibodies to the SARS-Cov-2 virus in your blood.”

Bigler admitted that he was a little disappointed in the results. Dr. Wantuck replied that it was understandable.

“I think everyone wants to either have seen the virus and gotten through it, or they want to feel like they’re somewhat resistant,” said Dr. Wantuck.

He noted that some people who are only mildly ill from the coronavirus or even asymptomatic just do not have a strong immune response, and don't make antibodies.  If Bigler’s test had been positive, Dr. Wantuck said he may have been asked to donate antibodies to help people severely sick with Covid-19.

“It raises the possibility you could donate plasma,” Dr. Wantuck said. “We’re connecting people with The Red Cross who can help people find a donation center to donate plasma if they are able.”

These types of antibody tests are being used to determine just how widespread the coronavirus is.

Stanford University just did the first nationwide test of Major League Baseball, where it found that of the over 5,000 people tested, only 60 were positive for Covid-19 antibodies.