Tables Turned For Bay Area Choir Teacher

Music can lift the spirit.

The choir department at Mountain View High School is not letting COVID-19 get in the way of theirs.

It started when a sophomore girl’s quintet created music and went to a memory care unit at Sunny View Bay Area Retirement Community in Cupertino. Music can provide a pathway to locked-away memories and the residents there loved it.

"The girls wanted to go back again," Mountain View High School Choir Director Jill Denny said. "Of course, they can’t, so we agreed that I would use their music if they recorded it to practice learning how to edit."

Denny has been teaching choir for 34 years, but she didn’t know a thing about editing.

So, she watched a YouTube tutorial and gave it a go.

Those videos have since gone to Sunny View.

Denny is now producing a virtual farewell concert at the end of May with one piece featuring 130 singers, requiring additional software for the teacher-turned-student.

"I absolutely love my job, super lucky and I get to teach choral music all day every day," Denny said.

You could call it her dream job.