Sonoma County, IBM Partner To Create COVID-19 App

Technology giant IBM is teaming up with Sonoma County to develop a smartphone app designed to help employers screen workers for COVID-19 symptoms.

The app will also allow workers to check themselves for symptoms and is designed to be used once the county has lifted all restrictions on in-office work.

It’s called SoCo COVID-19 Check. Existing IBM technology will serve as a platform for the app.

"It would really help us to mentor the effects, just to keep the community safe so people who are sick didn’t have to be working with others or in businesses where it might be customers," Sonoma County Health Services Department Spokesperson Rohish Lal told KCBS Radio.

The app consists of a series of wellness questions which can lead to an initial verification and then submission of that information to employers and public health leaders.

Lal said for personal security reasons, any data collected would be purged after 45 days.

While the app cannot diagnose whether someone has COVID-19, it’s a prescreening option.

"It’s really just to make sure that people who have the symptoms of possibly having COVID or sick can go home or away from a setting where they can possible infect others," Lal said.

The app has been submitted to Apple for their approval to include it among their smartphone apps.

There have been 300 confirmed cases and three deaths related to COVID-19 in Sonoma County to date.