SF Police Continue to Issue Citations for Shelter Violations

The San Francisco Police Department has continued to issue citations to people and businesses violating the coronavirus shelter-in-place regulations.  

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott told KCBS Radio that officers anticipated an increase of violations this past weekend, and that Dolores Park continues to be a problem.

“We anticipated it would be a busy weekend as far as more being people out,” Chief Scott said.

Officers specifically targeted 25 parks and mostly issued casual warnings asking people to get into compliance.

Chief Scott explained that the people in those parks were largely cooperative but officers did issue a total of 58 warnings to businesses and 47 to individuals.

“We had a total of 105 formal admonishments [or warnings>,” he said. “It’s your last warning before we have to come back and issue a citation.”

Officers haven’t had to arrest anyone yet, but Chief Scott said educating the public of shelter-in-place rules is important as California begins to explore additional phases in an attempt to reopen.

There have been 23 citations since the shelter-in-place orders went into effect in March.