San Mateo County Releases Coronavirus Zip Code Data

One of the Bay Area’s top counties for confirmed coronavirus cases has released a zip code index of the outbreak.

San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa said the move to zip code reporting makes it easier to track the spread of the virus.

"The testing by zip code is transformative, it’s a game changer," Canepa told KCBS Radio.

Canepa represents Daly City, which has had the largest concentration of coronavirus cases in San Mateo County with 159 out of a total 1,233 cases.

Other hotspots in the county include South San Francisco, San Mateo, San Bruno, Redwood City and Colma.

Canepa said reporting zip code data will help him determine why that is.

"Why are people getting it," Canepa said. "Is it because they’re working two to three jobs? They have to work, unlike people who are able to work at home. They can’t afford to."

Canepa says researchers at Stanford University and University of California, San Francisco are planning to use the data to figure out what socioeconomic factors may play a role in the spread of COVID-19. The release of zip code reporting in San Mateo follows San Francisco, which did so last month.

San Mateo County plans to update the list every Friday.

"People want to get as much information and consume as much information as they can," Canepa said.

There have been 51 deaths in San Mateo County from the COVID-19 outbreak as of Sunday.