Researchers Project Surge In CA Cases

Researchers are predicting California could see over 6,000 deaths from COVID-19 by the end of August; 1,400 more than projections from just one week ago.

New analysis by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics shows that cases and deaths are decreasing faster than expected in New York, New Jersey and Michigan, but are rising faster than expected in California along with Florida, Arizona and Illinois.

“We’re seeing in some states a 20 percentage point increase in just 10 days in mobility,” said director Christopher Murray on CBS’ Face the Nation. “And that will translate into more human contact and more transmission." 

Murray says the more people are taking unnecessary road trips, sneaking out to see their hair stylists or play in the park with people who are not part of their household, the more cases California will see in about 10 days. 

This comes as Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to release strict guidelines Tuesday for restaurants to reopen in some parts of the state. However, the Governor has consistently said that science and public health data will dictate the pace of reopening.

About 1,500 people gathered in Huntington Beach over the weekend calling for the state to reopen fully. There were also demonstrations in San Clemente, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, all in Orange County where the number of new cases is doubling every 18 days and 76 people so far have died.

California added about 2,200 cases and 64 deaths over the weekend. About 40% of those new cases and 70% of the deaths were reported in Los Angeles County. 

The state has seen 2,745 deaths and 66,680 cases overall.