Poll Finds Most Americans Support Sheltering In Place

Despite recent high-profile protests at state capitols to lift restrictions and re-open the economy, a new CBS News Poll finds most Americans approve of stay at home orders and do not want them eased too quickly. 

71% of respondents said even if restaurants were open they would not be comfortable eating out. 85% of respondents would turn down a flight and a whopping 87% say they would stay away from any large gatherings.

That is because three out of four respondents say they believe the stay at home orders are working to flatten the curve. A large majority of 63% say they worry these restrictions will be lifted too soon.

And as Governors have increasingly clashed with the President over easing restrictions and federal assistance, over half of respondents say it should be up to governors to determine when to re-open the economy. Only 19% thought the President should have a say.

“We’re not seeing the kind of solidarity that we did as a country when we faced other crises like 9/11,” says Mark Baldassarre, head of the Public Policy Institute of California which released its own survey this week showing extreme concern among Californians over personal health and finances. “It’s a reflection on the fact that we went into this crisis with very low confidence in the federal government… into that vacuum has stepped state leaders.”

Baldassarre says while there may be disagreement nationally over how best to respond to the coronavirus, there is solidarity at a regional level.