Oakland Zoo Hopes To Welcome Back Visitors By Early June

What will it be like to visit the Oakland Zoo when it eventually reopens to the public?

Some exhibits will remain closed and you'll have to stand six feet apart.

The Oakland Zoo hopes to reopen June 1, only admitting up to 2,000 visitors per day, preferably wearing face coverings and observing mandated guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"The type of things were going to apply will be masks, social distancing, lots of disinfectant on our part," Oakland Zoo President and CEO Dr. Joel Parrott said.

Dr. Parrott told KCBS Radio the indoor exhibits like the Bug House and reptile building will remain closed, while high-touch areas like playgrounds will also be shuttered.

The gondola, however, will be open. Staff will be assigned to wipe down surfaces between each ride.

"Everybody will be separated from one gondola to the next if they are unrelated to each other," Dr. Parrott said. "Then we plan to disinfect every 30 minutes."

You’ll also need to avoid paying with cash at checkout.

"Our goal is to make it essentially a touchless experience," Dr. Parrott said. "We won’t accept cash. We want people to get their tickets before they even come to the zoo."

In the last two months, the zoo laid off about 100 seasonal and temporary workers. 

Dr. Parrott hopes to welcome them back when guests return.