Non-Profit, Grubhub Team To Feed First Responders

A Bay Area non-profit is stepping up feed first responders quarantined away from their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Alioto Veronese is a former San Francisco Police officer and former member of the city’s Police and Fire Commissions, so he knows a lot of these first responders himself.

"The families are afraid if, you know, they are asymptomatic because that’s what they do on a daily basis," Veronese said. "They’re called to a scene of, you know, the worst cases of what’s going on, so instead of infecting those families some of them are living in basements."

Hotels are another popular landing spot for these first responders.

The non-profit group Veronese co-founded, the National First Responders Fund, has teamed up with Grubhub to keep these first responders well nourished, even as they’re crashing in someone’s basement or the local Motel 6.

"We’re raising money to basically send those first responders $100 vouchers, which would give them about five meals so their families don’t have to cook for them," Veronese said. "In cases where they’re officially quarantined or living in hotels, they don’t have kitchens."

His fund is dedicated to helping first responders deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD.

"Now that we’re sending them into lonely spaces and it’s compounding on some of those injuries," Veronese said. "We want to do what we can to show them that we’re there to support them in this time, that we’re thinking about them and we’re taking off some of the stresses of what they would have to do on their own."

You can donate now and - starting next week - nominate a first responder to receive one of these delivery vouchers by clicking here.