Marin Officials Freeze Reporting Of COVID-19 Data

Health officials in Marin are putting a freeze on reporting portions of the county's COVID-19 tracking data, as California continues to grapple with its own data glitches.  

Marin officials started to notice discrepancies between their internal data and the state’s data in the weeks prior to the announcement of the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange data glitch. 

“What we were reporting as percent-positivity, there was a growing difference between that and what the state was reporting, and the disparity continues to grow day after day,” Laine Hendricks, Marin County public information officer, said. 

Hendricks added that officials have lost confidence in the state’s ability to correctly report the numbers. 

The county has since frozen the reporting of coronavirus case rates and percent-positivity. Other charts on the county’s online dashboard are flagged with a warning that they may include incomplete data.  

Hendricks told KCBS Radio that these metrics are important for the county's status on the state’s watchlist, but also give residents the peace of mind that the data they see from the county is accurate. 

Marin differs from many counties, as it doesn't rely solely on state-provided data.  

“Most labs that are processing specimens of tests that were conducted in Marin report directly to us, so it's not a complete picture, but it’s a pretty decent picture,” Hendricks said. 

She added that the reporting will remain frozen until health officials are confident that the state glitches have been fixed.