Leaving Home To Work Brings Greater Risk Of Coronavirus

The results are in on a massive Covid-19 testing project in San Francisco’s Mission District, and one factor most indicated in the study area if someone would get the virus. That factor was whether they have still been leaving home to work.

“90% of the people who were PCR positive had no capability of working from home during shelter in place,” said Chief of the UCSF Division of HIV, Infection, and Global Disease at San Francisco General Dr. Diane Havlir  “these were frontline workers, they had to work outside of the home, either that or they were furloughed or unemployed.”

Of the roughly four square block radius that was tested, just over 2% who came to parks or schools for the free test did test posiiive. 95% of those who tested positive were of Latinx heritage.

“San Francisco is a very expensive city, something that requires more laborious work and more money for rent,” said Latino Task Force member John Jacobo, “we’re seeing more people having to live together in order to survive, having to work longer hours in order to produce, and not being able to take the time off or work from home.” 

The Task Force, USCF, and the city would like to coordinate more programs like this to see where resources are most needed. The next have their eyes on the Bayview.