Large Explosion, Fire Caused By Illegal Drug Lab Say Police

Police are investigating after a likely illegal drug lab caused an explosion and fire at a warehouse in San Leandro early Thursday morning.

The explosion was strong enough to blow part of the roof off of the warehouse on Timothy Dr. 

"I was using the bathroom and it lit up. It blew up like a bomb," Mike Meeker said.

Mike lives directly across the street and heard the explosion at about 5 a.m. "

"It lit up my trailer," Meeker described. "I looked out the window, stuff was a couple hundred feet in the air."

"The explosion was very violent. Debris was probably sent 200-300 yards away,"San Leandro Police Lt. Ted Henderson said. "After fire crews extinguished the blaze, officers found what they believe to be an illegal butane honey oil lab."

Police say at least four people were inside at the time extracting hash oil from marijuana, which caused the explosion.

"This is my first time seeing a butane honey oil lab on this scale," Lt. Henderson told KCBS Radio. "We’ve encountered some of them in small areas, mostly in homeless encampments. But I have not seen one on this large of a scale."

Two people were hospitalized and two others have been detained.

The owners of the building have declined to comment.