Huge Alemany Construction Project Completed Early

A major freeway construction project that was expected to cause traffic headaches through part of San Francisco this summer is now complete.

Caltrans had initially scheduled the Alemany Project to replace the overpass deck along Highway 101 for July. Thanks to a significant reduction in traffic because of the ongoing shelter-in-place order in the Bay Area, the project was moved up to start last month.

Now, it’s done - and even a day early.

The big Alemany Project is now completed.
Courtesy Caltrans

"There’s still a lot of clean-up work to be done," Caltrans Spokesman Stephen Chun said. "However, on northbound and southbound (Highway) 101 traveling over the Alemany deck can deem this project complete."

Traffic had decreased upwards of 60% compared to a normal day.

The around-the-clock work was supposed to take 10 days, but only ended up taking nine, finishing early Saturday morning. 

Chun told KCBS Radio that even with light traffic, Caltrans knew the project was disruptive for people living in the area.

"There was some dust, some noise, as well as some detours, delays and congestion," Chun said. "We want to constantly express our thanks to our neighbors and our residents for their patience during this now-completed project."

The big Alemany Project is now completed.
Courtesy Caltrans

The project required the partial shutdown of Highway 101 in both directions at Alemany Circle.

While we could have seen so-called "carmageddon" through that stretch of freeway this summer, the major freeway construction project is now a thing of the past.

"They were able to bring some extra crews to not only work around the clock, and this was a 24/7 project, but they were able to get more crew members to quickly work to open this as soon as possible," Chun said.

Intermittent lane closures are expected as minor work continues.