Frustrated Tahoe Residents To Protest Tourists This Weekend

While many of us may be working from home and our kids may be attending school from home, not everyone is actually staying home.

A lot of Californians are heading to Tahoe as usual this summer and South Lake Tahoe Mayor Jason Collin said he hopes that, at minimum, "they are adhering to the masking guidelines, social distancing, hand hygiene. And if you’re out and about, really adhering to those strictly."

But this year, the busy summer season is not sitting well with locals. Frustrated Lake Tahoe residents plan to take to the streets this weekend to protest the influx of tourists - and their trash - to the area.

"We have a lot of residents that are very concerned about COVID and an increased risk of transmission from people coming in from outside of the community, especially if they’re not adhering to the precautions," said Collins.

Some visitors definitely are not. Collins said there have been several cases of people who traveled to the area even while they knew they were carrying the virus.

Resident Josh Lease wrote in a viral Facebook post that it makes no sense to allow a high number of visitors while businesses are limited to 25% capacity.

"Stop disrespecting our home," he wrote. "I went to Kiva beach yesterday and saw trash everywhere mainly plastic items and some broken glass."

Protests are planned at four locations around the lake.

While many in Tahoe rely on tourists to survive, Collins said, "if you don’t need to come to Tahoe right now, it’s probably not the best time to travel."