CA Launches Multi-Agency Strike Team To Enforce Health Order


As parts of California move backwards in reopening, Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced a new statewide effort to crack down on violations.

Newsom announced Wednesday that several state agencies including Cal/OSHA, Alcoholic Beverage Control, CHP, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology are teaming up to create “enforcement strike teams” that will be positioned around the state to target non-compliant businesses.

“To go after people that are thumbing their noses that are particularly being aggressive, reticent to do anything to not only protect you as a customer - as an example of a bar or restaurant or any other facility - but aren’t even protecting their workers,“ the Governor said.

Businesses that are found to be consistently and knowingly in violation of state and local health orders can face big fines or even the loss of licenses. The newly signed state budget also includes rewards for counties that enforce health orders to reward good behavior. 

“One should not have to put their lives at risk to go to work as an essential worker,” said Newsom.

The announcement came as Newsom ordered 19 of the state’s hardest hit counties to stop all indoor business at restaurants, theaters, wineries, zoos, museums and card rooms and close all bars that do not also serve food.