Bay Area Air Quality Improves After Weeks Of Shelter Order

There are some environmental silver linings to the the state’s ongoing shelter in place order. Experts say that the are quality around Northern California has seen a distinct improvement recently.

Kristine Roselius with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District said there were a variety of factors affecting air quality, one of them quite obvious.

“We had very good air quality throughout the month of April and that’s really due to a couple of things: number one we had really good weather, we had unsettled weather, lots of wind,” said Roselius “That helped reduce air pollution, but we also had very low traffic due to the shelter in place, and as you know traffic is a top contributor to air pollution in the region.“

The warming weather also meant less indoor burning and it hasn’t been warm enough yet for a lot of ozone to form, a combination of tail pipe emissions, sunlight and heat.

Bay Area residents should enjoy the air now because that’s all likely to change, especially as more people go back to work beginning Monday. Monday is also an important day as it is the beginning of the Spare the Air summer season.