Talk More with DK

"Talk More" is an extension of the morning show on ALT 105.3. DK and producer
G-Mo hang out and discuss what's trending and dig deeper and TALK MORE about
topics that came up on the show.
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Society & Culture


Thomas Dale With DK

We were lucky enough to have Thomas Dale drop in to the TALK MORE PODCAST and in this episode we learn a lot about being a "Heyoka Empath Intuitive". DK and...

Bassem Youssef With DK

Comedian and political satirist Bassem Youssef joined DK on the Talk More Podcast before he hits the stage at Cobb's Comedy Club, Friday, October 11 and...

Nick Youssef With DK

Comedian Nick Youssef joined DK for the #TalkMorePodcast while he's in town performing at Punch Line Comedy Club Wed 10/9/19 - Fri 10/12/19.

Alina Malletti-Galore With DK

Alina Malletti-Galore performs to a packed house every Wednesday night for QUEEN BINGO at the Cedar Room in Campbell. On Monday, she joined DK for the Talk...

Sarah Colonna With DK

Comedienne Sarah Colonna hung out with DK for a bit to talk about some really uplifting conversation. They discussed dead cats, getting arrested, their...

Esther Povitsky with DK

Comedienne Esther Povitsky aka "Little Esther" came by ALT 105.3 before her shows at Punchline Comedy Club 9/25/19 -9/28/19. She and DK talked about what kinky...