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The entire Elvis & DK morning show broadcast from ALT 105.3 in San Francisco.
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Elvis & DK Full Show - 01.18.2019

Elvis and DK talk about the HUGE Great White Shark found off of Hawaii that divers swam with...they also talk about Louis CKs appearance in San Jose Also Elvis...

Elvis & DK Full Show - 01.17.2019

A tree fell on DK's house last night, Elvis offers DK his butt pillow to help her injured back and listeners weigh in on whether that's gross or not, Cardi B...

Elvis & DK Full Show - 01.11.2019

Elvis & DK are talking Netflix freeloaders, regrettable tattoos, Baby Shark debuting at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100, Fire Away Friday, and we are joined...

Elvis & DK Full Show - 01.10.2019

Elvis & DK are talking about the cheesy situations that happen in movies that don’t happen in real life, manscaping and body hair, the Academy Awards going...