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Patrick got his start in radio in February 2012 as an intern for Live 105 and continued his career failing upwards from intern to promo team to board op to a significant part of the the morning show Kevin Klein Live. There, Patrick was given the moniker Useless Weirdo, where he produced, reported traffic, screened calls, did man-on-the-street reporting, and much more. After the show came to an end, he continued on solo on Alt 105.3, where he has worked weekends, nights, and now, as afternoon drive.

Patrick has a bit of a nerd side, with budding interest in obscure cult films, professional wrestling (which he did five times for the station's annual Cinco de Mayo event), and a dash of anime as well. In his spare time, he hits up Alamo Drafthouse, fumbles his way through guitar, looks up experimental music acts in niche genres and fails to go to the gym no where near as much as he should

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