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DK can be described as a smart, funny, confident female who can hold her own in any conversation while incorporating the right amount of sarcasm and witty banter. She adds dynamic to every topic, from sports to fashion, with her unique attitude mixed with an intelligent perspective. Her favorite part of the show is the “Rescue Dog of The Week” feature that helps Bay Area rescue dogs find forever homes. 

DK was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving to Las Vegas to finish college, where she also started her career in radio. DK did mornings on the top Alternative station in Las Vegas, KXTE, for 6 years before being promoted to do mornings in Houston at MIX 96.5. Being back home in California, doing morning radio on an iconic Bay Area station - ALT 105.3 - is a dream come true for DK.

She is passionate about her dog, her niece and nephews, burritos, Costco, baseball, In-N-Out Burger, live music, online shopping deals and home improvement projects. She loves supporting animal rescue groups, making people laugh and traveling to sporting events in her quest to visit every stadium. 

Listeners can tune in to ALT 105.3 KITS-FM in San Francisco on-air, as well as nationwide on the app. Fans can also connect with the station on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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