Viva Calle 2019

Tour de Hensley at Viva CalleSJ

Backesto Park
651-699 E Empire Street
San Jose, CA 95112
United States

Event Description:

The "Tour de Hensley" is an event within Viva CalleSJ, it is free to the public and will start at St. James Park along the route.

TDH is a bike parade on 3rd Street where participatns can opt in to be “judged” by a team lead by Santa Clara Poet Laureate “Mighty” Mike Mghee.  DTSJ art non-profit Local Color will host a “Bike Decorating Station” at St. James Park.  Event attendees can utilize free supplies and advice to dress up their bikes.  In this same location all attendees can opt-in to participate in the TDH.

Participants will complete a simple Google form that will assign them a number. They will be directed to ride towards the judging station. As they ride to the judges stand the MC will see their number and can announce their entry for judging.