ALT 105.3 Not So Silent Night 2019: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

October 14, 2019
Not So Silent Night 2019

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding ALT 105.3 Not So Silent Night 2019.

Tickets are now SOLD OUT.


  • Mumford & Sons
  • twenty one pilots
  • The Raconteurs
  • The 1975
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • White Reaper


SAP Center doors will open at 6PM




THE 1975: 8:55 PM



SAP Center
525 W. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

The ticket office can be reached at (408) 287-9200 during business hours.

Mon – Fri: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed unless the event is occurring.

The Box Office is located at the southeast corner of the Arena, on the corner of Santa Clara Street and Autumn Street.

The Box Office accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as methods of payment.

Will call is available two hours prior to the start of the event.

Will call is part of the South Ticket Office, on Autumn St near Santa Clara St.

Customers must present the actual credit card used for the purchase, a photo ID and the Ticketmaster confirmation number in order to receive their tickets.

No, the show is all ages

To purchase alcoholic beverages, patrons must present valid government-issued photo identification and be at least 21 years of age. (United States-issued ID card/driver’s license or passport only. No exceptions.)

The use of still cameras (film or digital) and video & audio recorders is regulated by the promoter of each event. In many cases, the camera policy is not finalized until the day of the event and is subject to last-minute changes. In most cases for concerts, cameras that are considered professional in nature or have a detachable lens are prohibited. Normally, cameras that can fit into a guest’s pocket are allowed. Still cameras (film or digital) are permitted for Sharks games and other professional or amateur sporting events, as long as the lens does not exceed six inches in length. Video cameras are rarely permitted. When cameras are prohibited, guests are encouraged to take them back to their car or check them in at the entrances. Tri-pods or single-pods are also not permitted at any event held at SAP Center at San Jose, as they can cause a tripping hazard in the event of an evacuation.

SAP Center at San Jose has a general “no re-entry” policy during all events. Should a guest of the arena have an emergency or a legitimate purpose to exit and re-enter the building, the guest may obtain proper authorization and have their ticket scanned out. As a rule, only one guest per group is allowed to exit and re-enter.


  • The GA line will be formed along the Santa Clara Street wall of SAP Center as indicated by signs saying “General Admission Entrance.” The GA line will enter SAP Center through “Entrance B” (the doors between the BMW Lounge and the Sharks Store).
  • GA ticket holders may begin lining up at 9:00am on the date of show.
  • Entering the GA line indicates the guest’s agreement to abide by all SAP Center policies and procedures (the same as while inside the building).
  • Upon arrival, each guest who indicates he or she has GA floor seating will have a sequentially numbered wristband put on his or her right wrist.  Wristbands will be distributed at 9:15am (subject to change).
  • The order of entrance into the building will be based on the number on the guest’s wristband.  Wristbands will be provided on a first come, first served basis.  Once a GA ticket holder has their wristband, they may remain in line or leave the area, but must return to their sequential place in line by 4:15pm.
  • GA ticket holders who have paid for parking in one of the SAP Center parking lots and elect to leave after receiving their wristband will have their money refunded as they leave the parking lot.  There are no in-n-out privileges in the SAP Center managed parking lots after 4:00pm. Any guest with a guest pass after 4:00pm will have to pay the event parking fee of $25.
  • Other ticket holders must remain outside of the blockaders that separate the GA line.
  • Guests are not permitted to “hold” a place in line for other guests who are arriving later.
  • The wristband must remain on the guest’s right wrist while in line.  Loss or removal of the wristband will require the guest to obtain another wristband and take their sequential place in line.  Any guest found with a tampered wristband will have his or her wristband confiscated and will lose their place in line.
  • More info here.


SAP Center at San Jose, Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment, law enforcement agencies, and the NHL have announced changes in Security measures for all Guests attending events at SAP Center.

All Guests will be subject to search, which may include the use of Electronic devices, pat-downs and inspections of bags. Only small purses and baby bags will be permitted in the Building. Guests are discouraged from bringing unnecessary items to SAP Center Events.

  • Shoes & shirts are required at all times within the building.
  • No audio or video recorders are allowed in the arena for any event.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside the arena. There are designated smoking sections provided outside of the arena.
More can be found at

Am I allowed to carry a bag into SAP Center?
- Bags must be clear and not exceed 12" x 6" x 12" in dimension or be a small clutch purse no larger than 5.0" x 8.0" to be allowed in.

What if I have special medical equipment or a breast pump I need to have with me?
- Bags carrying items that are medical in nature such as prescription medication, breast pumps and other special medical equipment will be permitted. These bags will be searched and marked with a colored wristband. 

What should guests do if they bring a bag not meeting the bag standards & guidelines?
- Guests with bags not meeting guidelines will be asked to return it to a vehicle or utilize the onsite bag check. Bag check is available for a $5.00 fee onsite.  SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks are not responsible for items left at any of the entrances.

Am I allowed to bring a diaper bag into SAP Center?
- Diaper Bags are permitted when accompanied by a child that wears diapers.

Can I bring a clear back pack into SAP Center?
- You can if it is no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”. If your clear back is larger than 12’ x 6’ x 12” then we will ask you to return it to your vehicle or check the bag using our onsite services.

What can I expect when I arrive at an entrance?
- As you approach an entrance, remove items from your pockets and place it along with any bags on the table provided. Fans will not be asked to remove jacket or shoes. Cell phones and cameras must be set on the designated table or remain in your bag prior to passing through the metal detector. Wait for the staff to direct you through the metal detector. Once through, gather personal belongings and proceed to the ticket taker.

Are there still going to be Express Lanes for guests not carrying bags?
- Yes, the South Entrance will continue to have lanes dedicated for guests that are not carrying bags or clutches.  Guests with clear bags or clutches will need to enter from the ques on Autumn and Santa Clara street to enter.

Why is SAP Center limiting bag size and using metal detectors?
- To provide a safe environment for the public and expedite guest entry into arena.

What happens if an alert goes off when I walk through?
- If a walk-through metal detector alerts a Magnetometer attendant to the presence of items that require further inspection, guests will be directed to the side, where they will be re-screened via a hand-held metal detector or physical pat-down. When the items in question are discovered, individuals will be asked to display them and/or allow an attendant to examine them. At this time, the attendant will determine whether these items will be permitted into SAP Center.

Do I need to remove my belt, shoes, and jacket?
- It is possible based upon the location of an alarm on the magnetometer, however it is not needed unless asked by a metal detector attendant.

What if I come in with a mobility device, stroller or if I am medically unable to enter through a metal detector?
- At the North and South entrances there is a designated ADA area. Guests using these lanes will be subject to a pat-down search and/or use of hand-held metal detector as well inspection of the mobility device or stroller. ADA locations are identified with signage at each entrance.

What time do the entrances open?
- For Sharks home games, entrances open 90 minutes prior for Sharks365 members and 75 minutes prior to game time to accommodate for the security measures. Event doors vary by event.

I have a concealed weapon permit; may I bring in my firearm?
- SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks ban firearms on our premises.

What should guests do with prohibited items?
- Guests should not bring prohibited items. Prohibited items discovered at the entrances either will be discarded or will need to be returned to a vehicle. We cannot maintain custody of any such items on behalf of guests. SAP Center and the San Jose Sharks are not responsible for items left at any of the gates.

Am I allowed to bring my iPad or personal device?
- Yes. iPads, personal devices and lap tops are permitted to be brought into San Jose Sharks games. However, iPads are prohibited at all concerts.   

What if I need my seat cushion for a medical reason?
- Every seat at SAP Center does have a seat cushion. However, if you have a medical condition that requires additional support, your cushion would be searched and then permitted.

Is there a limit on how many clear bags I can bring in?
- No, there is no limit however all bags need to comply with our Clear Bag Policy.