Midnight Melancholy

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Here's what Patrick played on Saturday night

June 28, 2020

Every Saturday night at midnight Patrick drops on an hour of downtempo tracks on Midnight Melancholy. Here's what he played this past weekend:

Nujabes  - "Counting Stars"
Arlo Parks  - "Black Dog"
harvest - "and here you found me"
Tei Shi - "Even If It Hurts (feat. Blood Orange)"
Tourist - "Someone Else"
Sevdaliza - "Lamp Lady"
Bakar - "Stop Selling Her Drugs (feat. Dominic Fike)"
Shingo Sekiguchi - "North Wing"
goosetaf - "Spend Some Time (feat. fantompower)"
A[way] - "Frozen Snow"
Kudasaibeats - "Snow Angels (feat. Chance Thrash & aqualina)"
Daft Punk - "Something About Out"
Kongkruse - "2001"
Remulak - "Wonka Bar"
Snoh Aalegra - "Nothing Burns Like The Cold (feat. Vince Staples)"
Anderson .Paak - "Lockdown"
Macintosh Plus - "リサフランク420/現代のコンピュー"