Pauly Shore Chats With DK Ahead Of His SF Show

February 7, 2020
Pauly Shore

Donald Bowers / Stringer


The legendary Pauly Shore (of MTV, 'Son In Law', 'Biodome') called DK to promote his show here in SF on Thursday February 20th at Cobb's.

We get the inside info on his new Random Rants - a weekly podcast!


- Why one of Pauly's cherished moments is: 'Washing cottage cheese off Lenny Schultz' balls at The Comedy Store LA' 

- How he would like to switch lives with LeBron James.

- The Impact of Kobe Bryant's Death on Los Angeles and The World.

- Plus, Pauly shares one of his favorite on-set stories of Rodney Dangerfield's hanging balls.

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