Entertainer Alina Malletti-Galore Talks With DK

On the Talk More Podcast

September 30, 2019
DK and Alina Malletti-Galore

Alina Malletti-Galore performs to a packed house every Wednesday night for QUEEN BINGO at the Cedar Room in Campbell.

On Monday, she joined DK for the Talk More Podcast and dished on the upcoming documentary "Queens of Bingo".  The film shines a light behind the scenes of Alina's life as an entertainer, the story behind the success of Queen Bingo and the life of Tony Brewer, Alina's birth name. Tony is a former flight attendant, lover of sports and has been happily married to his husband for over 20 years. Tony showed up as Alina today and shared his story with DK.

"Queens of Bingo" documentary spotlights what has transpired by bringing Dam Good Drag Entertainment to break down walls of division every Wednesday night over laughs, drinks and BINGO, helping stop stereotyping the LBGTQ Culture as a negative force on our society to a more positive excepting one.

You can find Alina on Instagram at @AlinaMallettiGalore and on Facebook at @AlinasBoxOfChocolates

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