DK's Rescue Dog of The Week - 'Isa'

February 4, 2019
Isa from The Perfect Dog Rescue

(Photo credit: The Perfect Dog Rescue)


Isa is DK's rescue dog of the week from The Perfect Dog Rescue!

Isa's Biography:
Isa’s cute face hides a smart and funny mind that is now ready to learn everything about her cool new world. Even though she’s still a pup at 9 months, Isa has had a lot of challenges in her young life, including a neurological wobble and a broken hip. Now recovered from her surgery, Isa’s 20lb body (we suspect she's a mini Australian Shepherd mix) is getting stronger and her quick brain is learning new things every day.

She walks on a leash, has mastered short flights of stairs, and is discovering toys and other dogs for the first time and enjoying both! She sleeps quietly all night and is working hard on her potty training. She’s a good little guard dog and also likes to have discussions with her people and other dogs. She’s friendly, independent. and opinionated—everything a smart girl should be! Isa will always have some physical challenges, so we consider her a special needs adoption and not suitable for hardcore training or small children.

She’s a happy, trainable, goofy girl who is looking for a forever home that is adaptable, flexible and loving, and will be willing to continue with her physical therapy for a few weeks to build her strength and stability!

For more information, email Diana at [email protected] , or Instagram @tpdrescue, or go to to fill out the adoption application!

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