DK's Rescue Dog of The Week - 'Digby'

October 21, 2019
'Digby' (Photo credit: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue)

(Photo credit: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue)


DK's rescue dog of the week is Digby from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue!

Digby is a loveable Labrador Retriever with golden brown fur and the happiest and friendliest personality around. He’s an amazing dog to have with you while you are enjoying outside activities or while being lazy around the house; Digby is everything everywhere!

He’s the best friend you’ll want to take along on errands and the one you’ll want by your side when life offers everything that it has to offer. Digby is comfort and soul when you need them; he’s the one who doesn’t see the broken fences because he’s too busy admiring the flowers in your garden.

"Come to my garden and sit with me, among the flowers and the honey bees!" When it comes down to it, Digby is stardust and golden, and he’s that wonderful reason to get back to the garden!

Come by Muttville and meet Digby today! Digby is estimated to be 10 years young and 54 pounds. One of Digby’s adoring fans has graciously covered his adoption fee!

If you are interested in adopting Digby or looking into adopting other rescues, please visit Muttville Senior Dog Rescue or check out their website at

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