DK's Rescue Dog of The Week - 'Crow'

February 11, 2019
Crow of 11th Hour K9 Rescue

(Photo credit: 11th Hour K9 Rescue)


Crow is DK's rescue dog of the week from 11th Hour K9 Rescue!

Crow's Biography:
Crow is a beautiful jet black 13-month-old Cattle Dog/Black German Shepherd mix. At only 13 months of age, this sweet boy has already bounced around to 3 different families/homes; his most recent home being in a car with his owner 24/7. After this most recent home realized that living out of a car was not the ideal home for him, they surrendered him over to the Animal Shelter.

When Crow first came into the animal shelter, he was so terrified he just barked at anyone who passed by his kennel and would cower in the back corner in fear. After sitting at the Animal Shelter for 100+ days, our rescue: 11th Hour K9 Rescue Rehab and Rehome was called in to help spring him from the shelter life.

Crow has blossomed so much since the day he came home with us. He is now eager to see us when he comes out of his crate in the morning (yes, he is crate trained). He plays well with the other dogs he has been properly introduced to here at our facility. He even is beginning to learn some solid foundational obedience.

While Crow does well with other dogs here, he is young and can be a bit pushy with others so he would do best in a home that will set boundaries for him and not let him take advantage of his older canine siblings.  

Crow has done well in a home environment and seems to be settling right in. He has yet to have any accidents in the home, therefore we do believe he is housebroken. Crow loves to cuddle on the couch next to his person and will lay there for hours while you read a book or watch your favorite Netflix series!

Crow is a very smart and high energy young pup who would excel in a home that is interested in furthering his training. He would do great if someone was interested in getting him into a sport such as agility, or an active home that would like to just get out and hike on the trails.

If you and your family are interested in adopting Crow and giving him his forever home please fill out and submit an application which can be found on our website:

You can also find more information as well as pictures/videos of him on our Facebook page.

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