DK's Rescue Dog of The Week - 'Clever'

September 16, 2019
'Clever' (Photo credit: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue)

(Photo credit: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue)


DK's rescue dog of the week is Clever from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue!

They say that a clever person solves “it”, and a wise person avoids “it” … but no one who is considered wise would ever want to avoid Clever!

Clever is a strikingly beautiful Miniature Pinscher who will have your heart at first glance. She’s as enchanting as the night, and almost just as mysterious. With her soft radiant black fur, Clever seems to know that sometimes the cleverest thing to say is nothing at all … so this Clever lets her beauty speak for itself.

But even if something needed to be said, Clever would be the cleverest comeback you could ever come up with… and she’d come at just the right time and not an hour later after you’d had some time to think about it! Thinking, and feeling, has never come so easy … and Clever is definitely the thinking guy’s – or gal’s – dog!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you are, come by Muttville and meet Clever today! Clever is estimated to be 11 years young and weighs about 9 pounds.

If you are interested in adopting Clever or looking into adopting other rescues, please visit Muttville Senior Dog Rescue at

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