DK's Rescue Dog of The Week - 'Blitzen'

May 13, 2019
'Blitzen' (Photo credit: Furry Friends Rescue)

'Blitzen' (Photo credit: Furry Friends Rescue)


DK's rescue dog of the week is Blitzen from Furry Friends Rescue!

Blitzen and his sibling, Dancer, were rescued from a sad situation. He is adorable, curious, lovable and needs basic puppy training/socialization. His brother DNA tested, 100% Australian Cattle Dog.

Update from his foster home: Blitzen is doing very well at his hero foster home. He is very sweet, active, social and playful with their dogs. Blitzen is curious, confident and very smart. He loves following his people around, learning home life and handling/cuddling. Blitzen will need a home with yard and experienced guardian with knowledge of cattle dog needs. He will be active and may need dog sport training. House-training is going well and he knows to use doggy door.​ He just needs a family to love him forever! 

If you are interested in adopting Blitzen or looking into adopting other rescues, please visit Furry Friends Rescue at or visit their Facebook page.

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