Comedian Thomas Dale With DK On The Talk More Podcast

November 1, 2019
Thomas Dale at Punch Line Comedy Club

We were lucky enough to have Thomas Dale drop in to the Talk More Podcast and in this episode we learn a lot about being a "Heyoka Empath Intuitive".

DK and Thomas jump dive right into a discussion that leads to an eye-opening dream and a bit of soul reading.

At the 9 min mark, we get a hilariously detailed story about a Hypochondriac, Fake AIDS, Fake Vegans and a Birthday Pony.

Thomas had a shaman clear all the negative energy out of his apartment and it turns out that it was a Spirit that took control of his body. Totally normal, right?

...find out what money means to DK and don't forget to purchase your tickets to Not So Silent Night on December 7th in San Jose, and since it is payday, treat yourself to a great show at Punch Line San Francisco with Thomas Dale this weekend!

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