Comedian Nick Youssef On The Talk More Podcast with DK

October 10, 2019
Nick Youssef

Comedian Nick Youssef joined DK for the Talk More Podcast while he's in town performing at Punch Line Comedy Club Wed 10/9/19 - Fri 10/12/19.

Nick and DK bonded over their love of In-N-Out and then things fell apart when DK said she didn't want her coffee to taste like coffee. Nick is a bit of a coffee snob. 

They discussed the new TOOL album, internet trolls who send him hate mail and his secret love of Taylor Swift. 

DK and Nick bonded again when Nick said he'd only go gay for a man if Mila Kunis had a penis and DK shared the sentiment. 

A lot more was talked about, including which man Nick saw on the street in LA and was stopped in his tracks by his beauty.


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