Will Smith and Mena Massoud in 'Aladdin' (Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

(Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Disney Reveals New Trailer For Live-Action 'Aladdin'

March 12, 2019

Following last month’s teaser reveal, we finally get to see more of Disney’s upcoming live-action Aladdin movie, starring a not-so-blue Will Smith.

On Tuesday, Walt Disney Studios released the full-length trailer for Aladdin via digital media and on Good Morning America. The trailer gives a preview of new versions of the signature songs from the original animated film like "Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World."

Watch the full-length preview to Disney’s Aladdin, here...

Starring alongside Smith, Mena Massoud plays Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine is seen taking a ride on Genie’s magic carpet and features Aladdin’s transformation into Prince Ali.

Disney’s Aladdin flies into theaters on May 24.