Where To Get Cheap Friday The 13th Tattoos In The Bay Area

September 9, 2019

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Another Friday the 13th is approaching and that means you're about to be super unlucky this Friday...or, not, but it does mean you can get deals on tattoos at shops around the Bay Area.

Why is Friday the 13th so special when it comes to getting a tattoo? A tattoo of the number 13 has been considered a lucky symbol in the tattooing world & is often associated with other lucky symbols. Thus, $13 tattoo deal on Friday the 13th became a thing & similar deals have been adopted by shops around the world.

#fridaythe13th is next week. Follwing that will be some #halloween themed designs that will be going up. #tattooflash #tattoodesign #tattoodeal #tattoospecial #fridaythe13thtattoos #fridaythe13thtattoo

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Here's some of the shops offering deals this Friday the 13th around the Bay Area:

  • Castro Tattoo (SF) - $31 tattoos with required $20 tip.
  • Eye of the Tiger Tattoo (SF): Roll the dice and get the corresponding tattoo for $60. Other flash tattoo designs will be $40 - $100.
  • JC Tattoo (SF)
  • Moth & Dagger Tattoo Studio (SF) - $60 with artists offering their own set of designs.
  • Jesse James Tattoo Studio (Berkeley) - Three artists giving tattoos for $31 - $130.
  • Lucky 13 Tattoo (Alameda) - Tattoos starting at $50.
  • Royalty Tattoo Collective (Burlingame) - $31 flash tattoos

More sneak peeks for this friday 13TH flash event!! First come first served walk up sign up sheet. $31 ea. Limit 3/ arms and legs/ no substitutes, cash preferred. Stay tuned for more previews!!

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  • Black Lagoon Tattoo (San Jose) - $107 total for tattoos
  • Dogfather Tattoo Company (Fremont) - Special tattoo deals
  • Marks of Art (San Jose) - $80-$120 tattoos + free T-shirt
  • Revere Tattoo (Hayward) - Tattoos starting at $50

Call your favorite shop to see if they're offering any special deals & to see all of the Bay Area shops that offered deals last year that might again. head here