We Might Get To Vote On Splitting California Into Three States

April 13, 2018

Ruletkka | Dreamstime.com


There's been several plans previously to split up California into separate states, you might remember the Six Californias proposal from a few years back. Well, Tim Draper, who was behind that campaign has now gathered enough signatures to bring his newer plan of splitting California into three separate states closer to reality.

CAL 3 has gathered 600,000 signatures, well over the 366,000 needed to appear on the ballot.

The proposal would separate California into regular "California" then northern & southern Californias. The reasoning behind wanting to split up the state is because Draper & the movement's supporters believe California has become too big to be governed efficiently.

If the California secretary of state verifies the signatures & it passes review from the attorney general we could be voting on this in November.