Vinyl Is Expected To Earn More Than CDs For The First Time In More Than 30 years

September 6, 2019

rawpixel / Getty Images


For the first time since 1986 vinyl sales are expected to account for more revenue than CD sales according to the RIAA's mid-year report. That would make vinyl the most popular version of physical music consumption. Something that hasn't been the case since 1986.

Vinyl sales increased by 12.8% in the last six months of 2018 and continued growing by another 13% in the first six months of 2019 while CD sales remained stagnant. If that trend continues, as it appears it will, vinyl will overtake CD sales by year's end. Vinyl sales accounted for $224.1 million in sales trailing CD sales by $24 million, but that gap is expected to disappear soon.

Streaming accounted for 80% of music industry revenue in the first half of this year with paid subscriptions to services such as Spotify, Amazon, & Apple Music being the industry's greatest source of revenue by far. For more data check out the RIAA's mid-year report.