Wild Turkeys Wreak Havoc On Oakland Park Goers

Gerald the turkey in particular

May 24, 2020

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Earlier this month hundreds of goats ran wild in a San Jose neighborhood, now a turkey is making headlines in the East Bay. His name is Gerald and he doesn't take kindly to people and dogs enjoying their time in the closed Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland. 

Park goes have gone so far as to compare this aggressive turkey to the raptors in 'Jurassic Park'. He's jumped on people and sunk his talons in and it's been advised that you find a Gerald-Free escape route from the rose garden to avoid his wrath.

The guardian of the rose garden, beware

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Oakland Animal Services noted that he has quite the reputation and is protecting his mate & offspring. On Saturday they posted a reminder that the park was closed to help take time to prevent these volatile human-turkey interactions.

If you do venture to Morcom Rose Garden, beware of Gerald.

This jive turkey had the whole Rose Garden shut down today -- It's mating season and too many folks was messing up its game. Running after everybody like "ya'll gotta come back another day cuz me and my Boo got things to do," lol.

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