Tom DeLonge Claims That He's Spoken With Mark Hoppus And Travis Barker About When He'll Rejoin blink-182

May 23, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff


Not long after former blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge mentioned that he'd be reuniting with his old band at some point when things felt right, he double-downed on that by saying that he's spoken with both Travis Barker & Mark Hoppus about when & how.

In a new interview with a San Diego radio station he said that the original break-up came during a time when he was busy talking to the government (as he does about UFOs...) and was too busy to record with Hoppus & Barker so they said that he quit the band. He continued by saying they're into different things & different music, but that they're good friends who support each other.

Barker & DeLonge are good friends who do talk often, but his relationship with Hoppus has seemed warmer as of late. Mark has posted several things online that include Tom for the first time in years. Now as far as when a reunion will happen? Not soon. The band has a new album coming out with Matt Skiba on guitar & a summer tour with Lil Wayne. However, Tom says he & Mark have been discussing how & when is the appropriate time for a reunion.

We'll wait & see...