Tina Fey Alludes To Potential '30 Rock' And 'Parks And Recreation' Crossover Show

June 12, 2018

(Photo By Adam Orchon)


While attending this past Sunday's Tony Awards, Tina Fey was asked about a potential revival of her hit show "30 Rock," which she didn't seem too keen on. However, Fey gave fans of defunct NBC comedies hope when she mentioned that her Liz Lemon character & Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope (of "Parks And Recreation") should do their own spinoff. 

Fey & Poehler have been working recently on their Netflix original movie, "Wine Country," so perhaps this has been something they've discussed.

Just last month Poehler said she would happily team up with her "Parks And Rec" cast again so this potential crossover spinoff doesn't seem like too crazy of an idea.