Teens Can Go To Jail For Trick-Or-Treating In Some Cities

October 11, 2018

Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com


There's often a debate about what age is too old for kids to still go trick-or-treating. It's never a surprise to see teenagers in costumes looking out for free candy on Halloween alongside other kids, but some towns believe those over the age of 12 should not be out trick-or-treating. So much so that they've made it illegal after a certain age, or time.

Chesapeake, Virginia threatens those 13 & up who are caught going door-to-door for free candy with six months jail time and a hefty fine. Another Virginia town, Newport News, bars kids who are in seventh grade & up, or 12 & older from trick-or-treating, or they'll face a misdemeanor charge.

Several cities in New Jersey & North Carolina have curfews as early as 7 PM for trick-or-treaters & age restrictions for those 12 & up.

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