Taco Bell Introduces 'Reaper' And 'Rattlesnake' Spicy Nacho Fries

August 16, 2018

Taco Bell


After bringing back Nacho Fries earlier this summer, Taco Bell is now testing out a variation on their popular menu addition. Starting Thursday, August 16th new spicy versions dubbed "Rattlesnake" and "Reaper" have started testing in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rattlesnake fries are topped with pickled jalapeños, creamy jalapeño sauce, the standard nacho cheese, and steak. As for the reaper fries, they get their name from the Carolina reaper pepper. You can order them as just fries, or in a supreme version that includes "reaper ranch" sauce. You can also get the fries inside of a burrito if you so choose.

Again, these variation of the nacho fries are only currently available in Ohio, but standard nacho fries will be around nationwide through mid-September.