Study Reveals That Raiders Fans Are The Heaviest Drinking NFL Fan Base

September 11, 2019

Harry How / Staff


No fan base in the NFL drinks more heavily than Oakland Raiders fans, according to a study from Per the study Raiders fans drink the most on both non-game days (4 drinks a day) and even more on game days (4.5 drinks a day). Only New Orleans Saints fans drink as much on game days as Raiders fans.

Perhaps it's the Antonio Brown situation, the move to Vegas, or the one winning season over the past sixteen of them...but Raiders fans at least got a victory to open this season over their division rival Denver Broncos to raise some spirits.

The findings were based on an online survey taken by 2,250 NFL fans who were asked how many drinks they have on game days, non-game days, & their favorite choice of alcoholic beverage.

Raiders far prefer non-craft domestic beer as to where 49ers fans are far more likely to drink local craft beer. 49ers fans were the eighth most heavily drinking among the 32 fan bases.

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