Santa Cruz Named As The Best Hippie Town In California

November 8, 2019

simonapilolla / Getty Images


Not San Francisco with Haight St. & Hippie Hill, not Berkeley, not Humboldt, but Santa Cruz earned the title of the "Best Hippie Town" in California according to a list of the Best Hippie Towns In America list from Thrillist.

Thrillist describes the beach town as a place "where the caricature of a bicycle-riding, weed-smoking beach bum comes to life in various shades of head bandana." They also credit the sea breeze for blowing enough smoke away for people to actually get things done.

Thrillist also cites "trash-rummagins hobos" as a constant sidewalk presence in Santa Cruz along with noting the various spots to enjoy vegan cuisine.

The city has been called "America's last hippie holdout" where it's "fashionable to be poor".

In 2019 Santa Cruz remains a popular destination worth the Highway 17 drive that's ever-changing, but still embraces its hippie-friendly history.