San Francisco Begins Impounding Electric Scooters

April 13, 2018

Vladimirs Poplavskis |


Over the past few weeks electric shared scooters have taken over the busy sidewalks of San Francisco and Oakland, as well. They've drawn the ire of many as they've often been found unmanned, blocking sidewalks.

C'mon, people. This isn't even an *attempt* to park out of the way. #birdscooters

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Now after tons of complaints from residents and businesses owners the city of San Francisco began impounding the electric scooters, confiscating 66 of them on Friday.

The shared scooters from Bird, Lime, & Spin allow riders to scoot through sidewalks & streets at 15 MPH. A spokesman from Bird said they will step up efforts to inform riders not to block sidewalks.

It'll be interesting to see if these scooters become a permanent fixture of city transportation, or if they're simply a fad.